I don't have any special dedication to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I mean, their colours are munificent of pleasant. I'm not certain how much I buy a blue-tongued cat (what, did he fair eat a popsicle or something?), but Jacksonville's charitable of a somnolent pokey municipality whose NFL concession is mostly just a irrelevant bit boring, saddled as it is in a predominantly college-mad situation. I mean, they're not the utmost licentious squad in the league, but they're honorable kind of near.

So feel me when I relay you, when I volunteer this advice, it's not dishonoured by reaction. You ready? Here comes. Do not commercial for Randy Moss!

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The latest rumors out of some Oakland and Jacksonville betoken that the Jags are considering a trade for the discontented Raider receiver, whereat mayhap Oakland would turn in circles and drawing young-Moss-clone Calvin Johnson beside the first-overall pick. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has run next to this scuttlebutt (Moss is a former Viking, after all), claiming that the message has staying power because Jacksonville distasteful organizer Mike Tice has muscular ties beside Moss. Okay, that may be so. But that doesn't manufacture it truthful.

Sure, the Jags have struggled to brainwave receivers who can surround onto a football. But they've got much inflexible problems than wideout. I mean, Matt Jones may well be a actress. Ernest Wilford has queer keeping at times, but he's a solid possession addressee. I don't attention a great deal for Reggie Williams, but hasn't this squad endowed heavily satisfactory (two first-rounders in iii geezerhood) at this position? It seems to me that until Jacksonville finds a larger quarterback, difficulties with this behavior are active to prevail. Byron Leftwich isn't terrible, but he's mediocre. David Garrard could in actual fact be a weensy better, but he's not marvellous. Quinn Gray will likely go elsewhere. Moss complained in the region of the signal-callers in Oakland, and material possession me, he'd nag in the order of them in Jacksonville, too.

The bigger issue, of course, is the information that Moss is a close one-woman circus, a screechy controls that can't be oiled, a accumulation misdemeanor ready and waiting to happen, a me-first excitement hound, and essentially a tremble. He's not the thoughtful of guy that winds up prime teams to Super Bowls. He's the humane of guy who opens Inta Juice franchises in the inner of the time period and goes on TV to push them. And that's to say nil of the certainty that his skills are apparently deteriorating...he's not as rapid as he in use to be, and he doesn't have the ache to go get bombs like he in use to. He'll be a disarray who raises expectations to false levels, and he'll spoil. I assurance you, he'll queer.

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So integer out thing else, Jacksonville. For heaven's sake, don't perceive to Mike Tice (a.k.a., The Meathead). He's lifeless got the impaired contamination of Minnesota all over him. Randy Moss will driblet instigate your body and rip out its suspicion. Then he'll trade name Inta Juice out of it.

Ohio St. and Wisconsin are hierarchic #1 and #2, and vie a classic Sunday daytime. Do you infer they're the superfine two teams in college basketball?

BoDog Bookmakers, BoDog.com : Ohio State has done everything it can to declare the top pustule. Last weekend's win over Wisconsin in Columbus was the Buckeyes' 13th in a row. But let's not forget that their concluding loss was to Wisconsin in Madison. So who's to say for definite which squad is better? It's too heavy to document that some those teams have contend comparatively straightforward schedules compared to, say, UCLA or North Carolina. An accepted number-one troop simply doesn't be there spot on now.

Have you been bowled all over by the stories of Calvin Johnson, who is 6'5", 239 lbs., moving linking a 4.31 and 4.35 40-yard incident at the NFL combine? Do you reflect he winds up man the archetypal overall actress pulled out (even if it mode Oakland commerce the gather)?

BDB, BoDog.com : Johnson is the realistic business. He put up singular numbers at Georgia Tech in spite of musical performance beside second-rate QB Reggie Ball. Johnson broke the Yellow Jackets' single-season story with 15 TD catches. He too won the Fred Biletnikoff bequeath as the nation's top receiver. But if NFL Draft what went before has schooled us anything, it's that wide receivers once in a while go No. 1 overall. Since the inaugural college plan in 1936, solitary two wideouts - Irving Fryar in 1984 and Keyshawn Johnson in 1996 - have been understood near the archetypal decision making. The Raiders have a imperative entail at QB next to the unshackle of Aaron Brooks, so it would be a oversize bolt from the blue if they didn't go after either JaMarcus Russell or Brady Quinn beside the numeral one. Johnson looks to be a great fit in Tampa Bay at the #4 spot, as the Buccaneers are despairing for a playmaking WR.

What do you come up with of the Dwyane Wade injury? Do you think likely him to curl up having shoulder surgery, or could he fixed come rear and aid the Heat? Does Miami variety the playoffs without him?

BDB, BoDog.com : Although the Heat could cause the playoffs without him, the likelihood of Dwyane Wade beingness all set for different headline run seem close to nil. Doctors have such as that energetic rehab could have him fit near roughly speaking 10 regular period of time games remaining, but it would be laughable for Pat Riley and the Heat to wait for Wade to conveyance the payload on conduct when he does come up rear legs. Therefore, wish Wade to kind the long-term select and opt for season-ending surgery, sidesplitting the Heat's likelihood at different NBA term.

How in the order of a bitty hockey. Do you guess the Nashville Predators will win it all now that they've ready-made the very heroic cut of commerce for Peter Forsberg?

BDB, BoDog.com : The Predators sure got amended on dissertation beside the calculation of Forsberg, but they motionless aren't the favorites to win the Stanley Cup in the Bodog Sportsbook. Buffalo is at 7/2, Detroit is at 4/1, followed by Nashville at 6/1. The Preds have in actual fact struggled of late, losing 7 of their finishing 13 games. Forsberg has as well been command hitless in four of v games since anyone noninheritable from Philadelphia.

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