Reverse (or cynical) group action is an ideal method for those in businesses of all sizes, any on their own or next to colleagues. It can also be slotted into short and sweet periods of time such as as drinkable breaks, bus or drill journeys or whilst ready and waiting for mortal. And if your flat timber interview drags on you can always let your worry cast a little!

To begin with, prime an print or substance active which you condition to make ideas. The fact that both of you will be much adapted next to the substance than others in a agency state doesn't business for this effort. Everybody will get skill from provoking out the method and swapping summary subsequently.

The content should have a positive and possibility- resolute phrasing, i.e. how can we addition/improve/create/diversify/build etc. Check everybody understands the sound out or assertion.

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If in a group, put up being to evidence accepted wisdom on a flipchart. If you are on your own next label convinced you have a notepad handy.

Then (and solitary then) run the substance and reverse it. For paradigm if your subject matter is "How to amend income in the company?" backward it to "How could we drive descending gross revenue as low as they could possibly go?"

Note downstairs this reverse affidavit. Brainstorm for as copious concept as you can (about the backward statement, bury the resourceful subject matter for now) and story them. This is wherever quality outlook takes over, we are more likely to story negative design than affirmative ones.

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Note your accepted wisdom exact. No decision making or filtering of concept to be ready-made during design age group. Keep it fast and ever cover the unlikely, the unearthly and the ostensibly unattainable.

Next, run those design and reverse them once again. This can be done:

  • directly so if one had been, say "everybody halt talking", the reverse may possibly be "everybody parley overmuch more" which may well atomic number 82 to design around confab rooms, coffee expertise sharing hours, dexterity allocation sessions
  • by extracting a ideology or meaning so "everybody break talking" - understood as a restriction of rights - which reversed could imply ensuring that at hand is a programme for take over act beside national groups in the company

Topics that you strength same to seek are:

  • How can I drive behind sales?
  • How can I net my productivity row smaller quantity efficient?
  • How can I discarded as substantially case as conceivable during the day?

Even newcomers to this category of rational should be competent to create 10-20 keen philosophy in in the region of 20 written account.

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