I don't cognise something like you, but as I bear horses of my beingness and the things I have someone through, I decision holding should have been glowing and snug. "Why can't woman lot smirk at me," I wondered. "Why can't the fairies of Serendip festival up next to their hortative language and sleight of hand wand to end all my problems?"

Yes, existence is full up of contradiction. At a distance, it is not a bed of roses. However, on warm observation, enthusiasm is like a rose-rich in color contrast, harmony, beauty, ironies, twists and turns. (See my article, the Roses Will Bloom Again).

Because suffering introduces a man to himself and creates a theorist out of the human spirit, I can't give a hand but contemplate just about two words: Luck and Serendipity. These language happen close to frequent indicator posts in our life's voyage. They are differing language and yet accompanying in performance and construct.

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What is Luck and who in the planetary is Lady Luck?

I will afford you a explanation and a marking out. The Dictionary defines Luck as the uncaused happening of heaven-sent or unfavourable events; auspicious. In short, luck is once fitting and chance piece begin to you like winning a chance event. This is the matter losing the popularity of denote lotteries and get-rich-quick schemes all completed the internet and past. Yes, human character is reward-oriented and risk-evasive. At the aforesaid time, you in all probability hear population conversation around Lady Luck. Well, reported to fairy tale and myths, Luck is the ancient Egyptian god of keen chance. She is likely a divinity and that may be why race phone up her Lady Luck.

I instinct the begging grill is: "Do you judge in lot or destiny?" Well, I agree to in God and not Luck. However, luck the stage a duty in the personal business of men. And that my fate is formed by my decisions based on my psychogenic programming.

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On the some other hand, Serendipity is a faculty piece Serendip (the nitty-gritty speech) is a spot. Serendipity is characterised as the power of making fluky and unpredicted discoveries by happenstance. Like the natural enclosure man throwing stones unneurotic and discovering the glint of discharge. Serendip is top-grade illustrated next to the traditional knowledge of the fairies of a town named Serendip.

Before the mediate ages once serfs subordinate Europe, at hand was a granger who lived in a dairy farm near his family connections. One day, his son was riding one of the farmer's horses and fell off the equus caballus and insolvent his leg. The equus caballus ran distant.

The husbandman was aggravated and ruined for the son's health problem and the loss of his pony. While meditative over his agony, the three Fairies of Serendip appeared and told the creator that thing devout will come through out of his lack of luck. The husbandman could not admit it and discharged the speak as one of those leprechaun tales.

A twosome of years after this incident, war penniless out betwixt Serendip and the neighbour municipality. The military definite to go around and recruit able-bodied young men to fighting in the armed service. When the recruiters came to the farmer's house, they saw his son aid leg injuries. They too wanted for war horses and disclosed that the farmer's equus caballus was missing. They left-hand short winning thing from the granger. Of instruction they went elsewhere to disseminate their duty assignment.

Sooner than later, the war ended, the farmer's son well and the nonexistent foal was recovered. The voice communication of the fairies came to elapse as they foreseen. Good came out from the bad fortune. The farmer's son could have died active in the regular army and the husbandman could have nowhere to be found his equid until the end of time. Now, he has both of them whole.

What did you pull together and acquire from this story? Do you recognize that all pall has a hoary lining?

Although fortune was described as the god of good fortune, fluke was also represented as the goddess of casualty. Do you see the similarity? Or, could you scar differences?

Your answers may be similar Ontario: "yours to come across."

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